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小学英语作文my father

22rfd.com:小学英语作文my father1

  My father is a teacher, he grow fat, wearing a pair of glasses, a crew cut, height is not high.

  Dad like swimming, running, playing table tennis, reading, travel.

  My father is very strict with me, he often education I to be polite. Once a guest to an uncle's, my uncle gave me a big, round apple, I took apple from uncle in, was eating with relish, and on the way home, my father teach me said: "coming to do a polite child, someone give you something, to say thank you."

  Dad asked me to do an honest man. I once secretly watching TV in the room, dad told me to open the door, I quickly turned off the TV, dad said to me: "what are you doing?" I said: "I'm reading a book." He looked, he said: "you're lying? You got me? Do you say?" I have to admit it. Dad said to me: "do something wrong to admit to himself, don't lie, say is good." Dad taught me to keep in mind in my heart.

  My father is a demanding person, I like my father, is he education since I was young to do a polite and honest person.

小学英语作文my father2

  Do you know my dad look like? I will give you say below.

  Father has thick eyebrows and big eyes, tall. Dad likes to wear a black dress, gray spiders ace foot pedal of a pair of leather shoes.

  Dad, love playing the stock market to buy lottery tickets, shopping... If, every time playing the stock market up, he will can't even close your mouth smile. If fell, that must be enormous, dad will be angry by going up into the sky.

  Dad's popularity is very good, has people often ask him to dinner. Uncle regularly, factory will please him, relatives to dad is very good also.

  Dad is a temper good man, every time I do something wrong, he only said me a few words, just like it never happened. Dad, why are you so considerate!

  I am to have such a good father, proud!

小学英语作文my father3

  My father is not tall, body fat, has a black head of hair like crew cut. He has a long face, under the curved eyebrows with a pair of jiongjiongweishen eyes.

  My father is a "lazy". Every weekend, he always want to sleep in no mother do lunch. I cried several times also don't get up. Nao arch, learn the alarm clock that don't work. To mother to shout: "you ah, even than son, also like a when dad?" Finally, under the "torture" of my mother and I, and finally got up.

  My father is very funny, humor. One day, I'm writing homework, dad after work, quietly came to my room to sing: "I'm back, I come back..." I listen to the roar with laughter. With joy, and father told a few jokes to me, than a fun, a than a funny.

  This is my father, I like him very much.

小学英语作文my father4

  Hi, my name is Cindy。 I have a good father。 I like him very much。

  My father is a policeman。 He is tall and strong。 He looks very cool in the black police uniform。 He works in the police station and he is very busy every day。 He likes helping people。 So he often goes everywhere by his motor cycle。 When he sees the people in the trouble,22rfd.com: he will try his best to help the people。 He is a good policeman。 And many people like him very much, too。 They often say: “MR Li, you are a good policeman。 We like you very much。” But my father always has a point: Helping people is his duty。

  My father likes reading books very much。 Because he thinks: A good book is a good friend。 So he reads books after work every day。 Sometimes he plays games with me。 We are very happy。 I like him very much, because my father is not only my father, but also my good friend。

  This is my father。 He is a good father。 I like my father very much! My dear friends, do you have a good father, too?

小学英语作文my father5

  i have a busy father 。 he works in a big office 。 he has a big company。

  he is busy every day 。 he has many thing to do 。 he has no time to go home for lunch 。 he gets home at 7:00 p。m 。 at home he does the housework。 he cooks nice dishes for mother and me 。on weekends , he often goes to the park with me 。sometimes he goes to swim with me ,too。 i like to stay with my father 。

  he is a good father , he is also a happy business man 。

小学英语作文my father6

  MY father

  I have a cute father,He is forty--two years old.NOw,Let me tell you about himself.

  He is a worker,He work very hard,He often get up early but get back late.Once,I ask he :"Why do you like this work?"He says:"Because I like it,I think it is interesting and I need it."

  At the weekend,He usually go out to walk wite me.He likes swimming and reading books.He think swimming is good for us and reading is good for us,too.

  Do you like he?I like he very much!

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